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Full Circle Clinical Research and Development


We provide first-class clinical research

Sanos Group is a Full Circle Clinical Research and Development Organization encompassing five independent business units: NBCD, Sanos Clinic, Sanos Supply, Studies&Me, Blueskin and Omicron.

We are headquartered in Soborg outside Copenhagen, Denmark, where we share the building with NBCD and Blueskin.

All business units in the Sanos Group are dedicated to providing first-class clinical research, aiming to keep improving and develop how we conduct innovative clinical trials for our clients and patients. We play a critical role in developing new medication and treatment options, and work diligently to bring new medication faster to the patients.

We are acknowledged for our scientific expertise, and long track record of efficient and innovative clinical trials.

Sanos Group is an organization in rapid development, which means that we rely on our agility and efficiency. At present, Sanos Group consists of around 150 employees, and we are experiencing continuous growth.

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